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Eurostyle Domestic Edging

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Eurostyle edging - The one for you
This eurostyle edging has been chosen to match the bricks of the house

Eurostyle Slate Inpression Garden in Brittany
A Eurostyle border edging forms a neat lawn edging in this Brittany garden.

Eurostyle border Circle in Chestnut Brown
This County Cork garden uses a Eurostyle finish to great effect around this flower border. Parks and Leisure

Eurostyle Garden Planter Edging
A flower border can be both enhanced and contained in this Eurostyle edging.

Eurostyle edging as it should be.
Here we see a coloured eurostyle edging picture framing the garden.

Eurostyle Pathway in Euro Buff/ Sand Beige
This St Brieuc pathway in Eurostyle will offer its owners an attractive and weed freed lawn edge.

Eurostyle Circle Edging Enhancing The Garden
This cattery in Flore, Northamptonshire has been enhanced by Kwik Kerb Eurostyle edging.

Eurostyle Pathway Edge
At this home in Cork, Ireland a Eurostyle path has been given an edging.

Eurostyle Flowerbed
In Dorset, this flowerbed has the Eurostyle treatment.

Eurostyle Garden Edging, Ireland
A garden pathway has this Eurostyle edge in Ireland.

Farm Driveway in Ireland
The Eurostyle edge is used for a drive to this commercial project in Ireland.

Another view of this Eurostyle lawn/driveway edging
This eurostyle slurried edging is just what the customer wanted.

Close Up of Brick Red Eurostyle
See the quality finish on this eurostyle edge up close

A Decorative Eurostyle Brick Edge
This was just all lawn until the eurostyle edging defined it.

Terracotta Slate Impression Eurostyle Edging
A beautiful Terracotta eurostyle edging that defines the tarmac drive

An Eurostyle Edge and a Turf Installation
A badly damaged lawn relaid and transformed with the eurostyle edging

Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Flowerbed
Eurostyle Timber Effect Flowerbed

Eurostyle - Flagstone Pattern
Eurostyle sloping border flagstone pattern. Northampton

A Typical Eurostyle Circle Around a Garden Ornament
The circle is one of our most popular eurostyle installations

Brick Red Eurostyle Edging with Charcoal Imprint
Another quality eurostyle edging from Herefordshire

Eurostyle Slurried Path Edging to Enhance a Garden Area
Simple but effective eurostyle edging in Northampton

A Closer Look at a Fantastic Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Slurried Edging
A golden brown eurostyle wood effect edge

A Beautiful Chestnut Brown Slurried Brick Effect Edge
This eurostyle edge looks wonderful in it's surroundings

A Simple Driveway edging in Surrey
eurostyle edging in Surrey

A Eurostyle Terracott Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Working around the in-situ paving slabs with eurostyle

Terracotta Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Straight Lines are not a problem either for eurostyle sloping border

A Close Up of a Glossed Finished Terracotta Edge
This shiny finish is very popular eurostyle edging in the United Kingdom

Terracotta Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Preach what you sow - This is the General Managers eurostyled garden

Eurostyle Brick Red Slurried Edge with Dark Brown Brick Imprint
This was just grass when we started this eurostyle job

A Wonderful Eurostyle Garden Pathway from France
Just an ordinary lawn when first arrived now a fantastic eurostyle edged lawn

A Lovely Miandering Eurostyle Riverside Tan/ Brick Red
A choice of striking colours used here by our French counterparts with this eurostyle edging

Another Great Example of Road Eding from our French counterparts
Eurostyle – Brick Red // Brick red joints smooth finish

Eurostle garden planter edging
This beautiful but simple eurostyle edging really makes the garden planter.

A simple Eurostle edging in sloping border
A natural looking kerb in Eurostyle edging grey

Eurostyle lawn/driveway edging
A wonderful lawn/driveway eurostyle edging

Dark Rustic Wood Eurostyle Edge
First attempt by Stuart and Simon - Kwik Kerb Chilterns in Buckinghamshire of a Rustic Wood Eurostyle Edge

A fine Eurostyle Driveway Edge in Ireland
A simple but very appealing eurostyle edge in Cork ,Ireland

Eurostyle Edge to enhance the Driveway
Look how the eurostyle edging picture frames the garden.

Eurostyle edging doing a job
This eurostyle edge keeps the lawn and driveway from falling into each other.

A look down on a Kwik Kerb exhibition stand
See the eurostyle edging in full glory on this exhibition stand

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