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The team have the line in place for the commercial kerbing
Over 50 metres of commercial kerbing laid by the team at the training school on this side.

Eurostyle edging - The one for you
This eurostyle edging has been chosen to match the bricks of the house

Red Eurobrick Planter Edge
Eurobrick red brick effect curve to planter edge

Eurobrick Traffic Islands
Commerical Kerbing project to creat traffic islands in a car park. Local Authority

Eurobrick Edging round a planter area
This simple eurobrick edging magnifies the planter area

A Commercial kerbing sprayed in Bathstone
Just adding the colour to this commercial kerbing makes it stand out against the tarmac

Eurobrick Bathstone Sloping Border Edging
A lovely Eurobrick bathstone edging picture framing the lawn

Commercial Car Park Spacing
Commercial krbing sloping border edging to utilise all available space for parking

Eurobrick Red Brick Edging
sprayed eurobrick finish to edge between planter and driveway

Eurobrick Driveway
This Lancashire home has kerb appeal with this Eurobrick driveway edging.

A fantastic example of eurobrick edging and stencil concrete
Kwik Kerb Dorset shows the qyaulity od their combines eurobrick edging and stencil concrete work in Dorset

Eurobrick Miandering Edging
This Manchester garden has Eurobrick edging.

A Stencil Concrete job anybody would be proud of.
A stencil concrete driveway transformed completly.

Eurobrick in Roman Limestone
This South Humberside garden has a Eurobrick lawn edging to provide a very neat and tidy finish.

Eurostyle Slate Inpression Garden in Brittany
A Eurostyle border edging forms a neat lawn edging in this Brittany garden.

Eurobrick Bathstone Commercial Edging
A commercial kerbing zig zag effect to preserve space on this car park

Eurostyle border Circle in Chestnut Brown
This County Cork garden uses a Eurostyle finish to great effect around this flower border. Parks and Leisure

Eurostyle Garden Planter Edging
A flower border can be both enhanced and contained in this Eurostyle edging.

Eurostyle edging as it should be.
Here we see a coloured eurostyle edging picture framing the garden.

Eurostyle Pathway in Euro Buff/ Sand Beige
This St Brieuc pathway in Eurostyle will offer its owners an attractive and weed freed lawn edge.

Supermarket Car Park
This commercial kerbing edge project was for a shopping mall car park.

Commerical Kerbing, Devon
Local authority work for Devon County Council with a commercial edge

Eurobrick Bathstone Edging
Eurobrick edge Miandering along the edge of existing garden

Eurostyle Circle Edging Enhancing The Garden
This cattery in Flore, Northamptonshire has been enhanced by Kwik Kerb Eurostyle edging.

Commercial Kerbing
An example of a commercial kerbing project in Cork, Ireland where the farm entrance has been enhanced.

Commercial Driveway
This commercial kerbing was used for a business in Cork, Ireland.

Golf Course Kerbing on both sides at The Grove
Stuart and his team have done both sides of this golf course pathway at The Grove

Eurostyle Pathway Edge
At this home in Cork, Ireland a Eurostyle path has been given an edging.

Eurostyle Flowerbed
In Dorset, this flowerbed has the Eurostyle treatment.

Eurostyle Garden Edging, Ireland
A garden pathway has this Eurostyle edge in Ireland.

Another view of this fantastic Eurobrick edging, Artificial Grass and Stencil concrete installation
Kwik Kerb Dorset combine the Eurobrick edging, Artificial Grass and Stencil Concrete brilliantly.

Farm Driveway in Ireland
The Eurostyle edge is used for a drive to this commercial project in Ireland.

Another view of this Eurostyle lawn/driveway edging
This eurostyle slurried edging is just what the customer wanted.

Artificial Grass - crisp and complete
This artificial grass excellently highlights the patio area

Close Up of Brick Red Eurostyle
See the quality finish on this eurostyle edge up close

The Team at a commercial job
The UK team working together on this commercial job

Kwik Kerb Operators at Commercial Training School doing road kerbs
Colm of Kwik Kerb Cork showing some of our team the tools for commercial kerbing applications

Eurobrick Decorative Edging at Theme Park
Peppa Pig Theme Park Eurobrick Edging. Parks and Leisure

A small but effective Eurobrick edging job in Dorset
KK Dorset's quick but lovely garden eurobrick edging

Samples of Exposed Aggregate Edging
Exposed Aggregate Edging

Artificial Grass Mini-Golf
I prefer the 19th but this artificial grass mini golf looks great

Artificial Grass defining the patio area
This artificial grass straight lines the patio area

The Team on a Commercial Radius Corner
This versatile commercial kerbing edge precisely cornering a planter area

Decorative Edging Peppa Pig Theme Park
Decorative Eurobrick Edging at a Peppa Pig Theme Park. Parks and Leisure

Decorative Edging at Theme Park
Peppa pig Theme Park Eurobrick Edging

Kwik Kerb Team at a Theme Park
Kwik Kerb Team laying eurobrick edging at a Peppa PigTheme Park. Parks and Leisure

PGA Golf Course Edging
PGA Golf Course Edging. Golf Courses

Eurobrick Pathway Edging
Eurobrick edging London

A Decorative Eurostyle Brick Edge
This was just all lawn until the eurostyle edging defined it.

Bathstone Eurobrick Edging
This area had nothing apart from the stone walluntil we Eurobrick edged it

Terracotta Slate Impression Eurostyle Edging
A beautiful Terracotta eurostyle edging that defines the tarmac drive

Commercial Road and Car Park Edging
car park, roadway and garden planter edging for commercial is no problem.

An Eurostyle Edge and a Turf Installation
A badly damaged lawn relaid and transformed with the eurostyle edging

Simple but effective
Artificial grass looking superb and natural

Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Flowerbed
Eurostyle Timber Effect Flowerbed

A lovely Artificial Grass Installation in Dorset.
KK Dorset and an artificial grass job in Dorset.

This stencil concrete pathway speaks for itself - well done KK Dorset
A stencil concrete pathway that exudes quality in Dorset.

Eurobrick Roman Limestone Edging
A fantastic eurobrick edging to separate the lawn from the soil

Eurobrick Edging in Wales
A basic back garden transformed with eurobrick Kwik Kerb

Eurobrick Garden Border Kerb
Eurobrick garden border kerb

A Golden Sandstone Eurobrick Edge
Another example of picture framing the garden with eurobrick

A Perfectly Straight Commercial Edge
A 77 metre straight commercial edge perfectly aligned

Eurostyle - Flagstone Pattern
Eurostyle sloping border flagstone pattern. Northampton

A Large Planter Edge on a Keyblocked Car Park
Any shape is possible to give you that something different for commercial applications

Kwik Kerb Laying a Tarmac Motorway Edging
A tarmac commercial edging is a unique way of diverting torrential rain water away from the road surface

Road Kerbing at a Pace
Concrete mix loaded onto the back of a pick up and 250 metres of commercial kerbing laid in a day.

The Team Having Fun in the Rain
As you can see the laying of this commercial edging does not stop because of the rain

A Commercial 'T' Section
Here we show a perfect alignment of the adjoining sections of a commercial car park

Bathstone Sprayed Commercial Edge
Here a commercial planter area finished waiting for the keyblock to be laid

Another Unique Commercial Edge
A squashed cylindrical shape was required on this car park in commercial high border

A Commercial Edge Plain  and Slurried
This picture shows this commercial edging plain and then slurried with a concrete slurry for extra protection and strength

A Straight Plain and Slurried Edge
The slurry is there for the extra strength and protection of this commercial finished edge

Commercial Pavement Kerb for Devon Council
We replaced a commercial pavement/road kerb that was installed two previous times within a year and perished

A Typical Eurostyle Circle Around a Garden Ornament
The circle is one of our most popular eurostyle installations

Crazy Golf Course Design
A popular choice for our golf course edging to border.

Crazy Golf Course Edging
Another example of a crazy golf Course

Plain Crazy Golf Edge
A simple white concrete finish on hole number 3 on this crazy golf course

Crazy Golf Course Hole 6
Another hole at the crazy golf course

A Winding Golf Course Path
Another popular choice for the Kwik Kerb golf course edging.

Quality Pathway at a Golf Course
Golf course path edging to define the walking area

QualityExposed Aggregate Edging At The Golf Course
Another example of exposed aggregate edging of a golf course path.

Golf Course Path Edging
Another example of our edging complimenting a golf course

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 2 on this excellent Crazy Golf Course

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 1 at Torquay Crazy Golf Course

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 5 - a quality par 4 crazy golf course hole

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 8. Another excellent crazy golf course hole edged

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 4 a testing crazy golf course hole dog leg left

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 9 - a very pleasant crazy golf course hole to play

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 10 - Which way do you go on this crazy golf course

Torquay Municipal Crazy Golf Course
Hole 11 - Just a pleasure to play on this eurobricked edging

Pitch and Putt Golf Course
Another example of a crazy golf course set up

Pitch and Putt
Another example of Pitch and Putt at a golf course with artificial grass

Pitch and Putt
A twisting and difficult hole on this golf course

Brick Red Eurostyle Edging with Charcoal Imprint
Another quality eurostyle edging from Herefordshire

A Fantastic Sprayed Red Edging
A Eurobrick edging in North Wales

Kwik Kerb Edging around the tees at The Grove Golf Club
Here we see our Kwik Kerb golf edging around the tees at The Grove

KK Dorset showing a Eurobrick Driveway Kerb
A simple but effective Eurobrick driveway kerb in Dorset.

Quality Continuous Golf Course Edging at The Grove
The way Kwik Kerb Chilterns golf course edging picture frames the golf course at The Grove

A Eurobrick Designed Bathstone Sprayed Edge
Another picture with the house in view of this eurobrick edge

Another view of this Eurobrick edging in Dorset.
KK Dorset and a different view of the Eurobrick edging in Dorset.

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