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Exposed Aggregate Garden Edging, Pathways and Driveways

We have introduced this product recently into our product range. As of June 2012 all our teams have the knowledge and capabilities of installing this fantastic natural product. This continuous concrete garden edging needs no colour or sealer. It consists of the natural products we use plus the introduction of small coloured pebbles or shingles. When laid on site and then finished with our 'Trade Secret' product and cleaned we are left with a very natural aggregated kerbing that gets better with time. The bonus is that because of the lack of certain finishes it is a much cheaper alternative to our coloured finished lawn edging products.

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Samples of Exposed Aggregate Edging
Exposed Aggregate Edging

Exposed Aggregate Edging at Eton Rowing Club - Venue for the Olympics
A commercial exposed aggregate edge in platinum/slate finish that arcs around the lake. Parks and Leisure.

Exposed Aggregate Edging
Exposed Aggregate Edging with different coloured aggregate

A Smooth Exposed Aggregate Kerb
Another example of exposed aggregate kerbing

QualityExposed Aggregate Edging At The Golf Course
Another example of exposed aggregate edging of a golf course path.

Exposed Aggregate Edging
More Sample of Exposed Aggregate Edging

Exposed Aggregate Edging
Another view of Exposed Aggregate Edging

Close up sample of Exposed Aggregate Kerbing
Here we see another sample of our exposed aggregate kerbing

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Exposed Aggregate Garden Edging from Kwik Kerb

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