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Artificial Grass

The perfect beautiful lawn all year round.

A luxurious, realistic alternative to natural grass. No mud, no mess, no mowing. Looks just like real live grass.

Eight options of grass styles available

  • Pile and nap identical to real grass.
  • No more mud from your lawn inside your home
  • No more mowing or expense from fertilizer
  • Hard wearing
  • Use your lawn for family play, relaxation, barbecues and socialising with
  • friends even after rain.
  • A clean safe football surface, whatever the weather.
  • Safe for children and used in many nurseries and schools.
  • Your lawn will not be turned in to a muddy mess by pets.
  • No more watering, no more worries about hosepipe bans.
  • Suitable for spa and swimming pool surrounds.
  • Suitable for balconies, patios and conservatories.
  • Offices and tradeshows.
  • Suitable for putting courses, golf courses and crazy golf surfaces.
  • UV and stain resistant
  • Easy, straightforward and practical to install.
  • Five year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Over twenty year lifespan


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Triple Quality Work
Mark again show how eurobrick edging, artificilal grass and stencil concrete can work together

Artificisl Grass over concrete - Looks fantastic
This is an Artificial Grass overlay installation. Totally transformed

Another view of this Artificial Grass Edge
Artificial Grass installation before it is finished

Artificial Grass with Stencil Concrete
Fantastic artificial grass with stencil concrete around

A Golf course in your back garden with Artificial Grass
This smple Artificial Grass mini-golf course

Another Fantastic Artificial Installation from Kwality Kwik Kerb
Mark transformed this untidy garden to this wonderful artificial grass design

A triple quality job for Northampton
This shows what can be done. The job has eurobrick edging, artificial grass and stencil concrete

Eurobrick Edging with Artificial Grass
Here we see the eurobrick edging around an artificial grass area

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