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We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work you have done. P- and I can now sit our and look over our back garden with a smile on our faces. The finished star like shape with the circle in the middle with the limestone-chippings centre and golden gravel sections we would never have thought of but it really does look good. I will get round to planting all the plants soon but this letter was just to say thanks.

You never left a mark when you went and that we were impressed with being concrete and all.

M. and P. W.

Eurobrick Lawn and Garden Edging

Eurobrick garden and lawn edging has unique qualities and an exclusive application process which will ensure that your landscape garden edging is the envy of neighbours.

Eurobrick is the perfect choice to frame your garden beds and edge your pathways. Choose your preferred garden edging colours and pattern today.

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Eurobrick Edging with Artificial Grass
Here we see the eurobrick edging around an artificial grass area

Stencil concrete and matching Eurobrick edging
A stencil driveway with matchingeurobrick eding

Paulton Park Peppa Pig Themed Area
Peppa Pig himself in a eurobrick style. Parks and Leisure

Domestic Eurobrick Edging
A platinum eurobrick edging with charcoal release

Stencil, Grass and Edging
A stencil pathway and lawn and attached eurobrick edging

Eurobrick Terrracotta Edging
A m ower Strip Eurobrick Terracotta edging

Miandering Terracotta Mower Strip Eurobrick Edging
Look how this Eurobrick Mower strip attends to the lawn edge

Another view Terracotta Eurobrick Mower Edging
A closer look at this tremendous Eurobrick edging in terracotta mower satrip

Terracotta Eurobrick Mower Edging
A lovely eurobrick finished terracotta Mower strip edge

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