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Colm Tyers - Kwik Kerb Cork

Eurostyle border Circle in Chestnut Brown
This County Cork garden uses a Eurostyle finish to great effect around this flower border. Parks and Leisure


Eurostyle Garden Planter Edging
A flower border can be both enhanced and contained in this Eurostyle edging.


Another quality finished road kerbing
Kwik Kerb commercial kerbing at it's best.


Commercial Driveway
This commercial kerbing was used for a business in Cork, Ireland.


Colm is one of the pioneers of kwikerbing in Ireland and the United Kingdom and the doyen of the operator team.

In the early 90's Colm saw the product in use whilst on holiday in Australia and immediately understood the scope and potential of the process back in Ireland.

Colm is currently the only operator who qualify's to be a member of the "10 mile " club in Ireland, UK and Europe.

To qualify for the 10 mile club, a operator has had to have extruded at least 10 miles of kerbing or edging.

Colm is kind enough to pass on his knowledge and experience by training all new operators who come on board.

The pictures in Colms personal gallery speak for themselves in terms of quality and pride in product.

He says: "I have been involved with Kwik Kerb for 16 years now and I have a large portfolio of domestic and commercial continuous concrete edging in Southern Ireland. I have a wide range of landscaping skills to enhance any garden."

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Mark Haynes - Kwality Kwik Kerb

Eurostyle Circle Edging Enhancing The Garden
This cattery in Flore, Northamptonshire has been enhanced by Kwik Kerb Eurostyle edging.


Stencil concrete and matching Eurobrick edging
A stencil driveway with matchingeurobrick eding


Arty - The Grass Dog
This is Arty - The Artificial Grass Dog


A triple quality job for Northampton
This shows what can be done. The job has eurobrick edging, artificial grass and stencil concrete


Mark Haynes is the most experienced of the mainland UK kwikkerber team. A member of the "one mile " club.

Mark is the person all operators turn to for advise when faced with new opportunities found in the market.
Mark's attitude of the "glass is always half full" is a constant source of inspiration.

Mark is the operator who has lead the charge of developing new channels of revenue based around the kwikkerb set of equipment.



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Oliver Coyne - Kwik Kerb Connemarra

A lovely Slate Grey Driveway Eurostyle Edging
This Eurostyle edging could be domestic or commercial using our high border


Another view of a show attendance
Clearly showing the qualities of our business with this eurostyle edging stand


Eurobrick Bathstone Edging
Eurobrick edge Miandering along the edge of existing garden


Simple but effective
Artificial grass looking superb and natural


"I had been in the building game for many years before investing in Kwik Kerb and now run Connemara Kwik Kerb in Galway, Ireland. 

This is such a unique product and looks at home in any size garden. No job is too small and with my building background I cover other landscaping problems."

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Andrew Rapley - Kwik Kerb Essex One

A Sprayed Slate Grey Edge
A simple but effective eurobrick edge


Eurostyle edging as it should be.
Here we see a coloured eurostyle edging picture framing the garden.


Commercial Kerbing around a large grassed area
The commercial kerbing follows the grassed area exactly how it should.


A Stencil Concrete job anybody would be proud of.
A stencil concrete driveway transformed completly.


"Established a number of years in Essex and Kent, we can provide concrete edging and Stencil/Imprint concrete work in this area.

My son and I at Kwik Kerb Essex One are looking forward to speaking to you in the near future."

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Phil Egan - Kwik Kerb

Eurobrick Traffic Islands
Commerical Kerbing project to creat traffic islands in a car park. Local Authority


Kwik Kerb attending a large exhibition
This is how we show ourselves at exhibitions and shows with Eurostyle edging


A Clean and precise Look All Year Round - Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is the future


Eurobrick Miandering Edging
This Manchester garden has Eurobrick edging.


I am Kwik Kerb in the United Kingdom

I hope my testimonials from clients speak for the quality of my work:

"Tthank you for all the work you did to bring our tired drive back to life. The idea of the dark mulch behind the edging makes it really stand out and to trim the tarmac and then input 6mm golden stone saved us a packet. There is no way we could have afforded the renewing of the tarmac. All the components work very well together and we have already had the neighbours asking us questions." Mr and Mrs Murphy.

"We had the chance to use something different to the standard pre-cast kerbing that is available everywhere. The way you can manipulate the machine to do things you cannot with standard kerbing is impressive. The
choice of profiles and colours gives you an extra dimension that we are now very happy that we used. The job had it’s moments but we were impressed with how you overcame situations sometimes caused by
the changes forced upon us. The car park looks fantastic and we know it will be there for many years to come. The site was clean and now the tarmac is in place and the colour prominent everybody is happy even
the sceptics on your first visit. Hough Builders

"We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work you have done. We look over our back garden with a smile on our faces. The finished star like shape with the circle in the middle with the limestone-chippings centre and golden gravel sections we would never have thought of but it really does look good...You never left a mark when you went and that we were impressed with being concrete and all. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

"We are over the moon to think that was just a fully grassed area with no life is hard to believe now. We kept enough of the grass to still have a lawn
but the borders and the paved area set it out against all the neighbours ( you will be getting a call from a couple soon). Mr. and Mrs. Knowles

"The edging looks fantastic in the front garden, so much so we would like you to do the pathway at the rear that we discussed. We had little knowledge of Kwik Kerb until we saw you at a local show and looked further into
it. We struggle to keep the garden tidy and with this kerb it has made our lives a lot easier. The Roman limestone stands out against the grass so well. Mrs. Short


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Ramsay Cook - Kwik Kerb Art

Two tone Eurostyle edging
Colm has used two colours to make this garden eurostyle edge stand out.


Artificial Grass with Stencil Concrete
Fantastic artificial grass with stencil concrete around


Eurostyle edging - The one for you
This eurostyle edging has been chosen to match the bricks of the house


A miandering driveway kerbing
Commercial driveway kerbing picture framing the garden and drive.


"I added Kwik Kerb to my building business three years ago

Based in Hertfordshire, I look forward to giving Free on-site quotations for Hertfordshire and surrounding areas."

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Alister Bradford - Kwik Kerb Mourne

A Large Planter Edge on a Keyblocked Car Park
Any shape is possible to give you that something different for commercial applications


Simple but very very effective
Another artificial grass example of how good your lawn can look all year round


A Stencilled Pathway in Dorset by KK Dorset
KK Dorset showing their stencil concrete skills in Dorset.


Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Flowerbed
Eurostyle Timber Effect Flowerbed


"Working out of County Down, Northern Ireland and covering all parts of Northern Ireland.

My team and I at Kwik Kerb Mourne will give you a professional service and peace of mind.

If you want edging or stencil/imprint concrete in Northern Ireland do give us a call."

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Adrian Chant - Kwik Kerb by A.H.Chant

Samples of Exposed Aggregate Edging
Exposed Aggregate Edging


Kwik Kerb A.H.Chant and Artificial Grass and Stencil Concrete
Adrian has done a fantastic job with artificial grass and stencilled concrete


Recent Exposed Aggregate Kerbing job
the rustic quality look of this exposed aggregate kerbing job in Glastonbury


A Quality Stencil Job
A beautiful red and black stencilled concrete design


"Since 1985 I have been in the concrete industry, mainly making ornamental ornaments for the garden. Having spent many years in the building game I
looked for a new challenge.

In 2010, I became part of Kwik Kerb because of its unique machine that forms a concrete kerb for driveways and garden borders. I also do stencilled driveways (Stencil-Tech)which really compliments the kerbing.

Marion and I look forward to hearing from you for work in Somerset, Bristol and South Wales.

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Vinny Briggs - Kwik Kerb by Vinny Briggs

Commercial Kerbing with Drop Kerb on a Tarmac Drive
A quality commercial kerbing in conjunction with standard tarmac. Notice the drop kerb for the pathway.


Eurostyle Slate Inpression Garden in Brittany
A Eurostyle border edging forms a neat lawn edging in this Brittany garden.


A Coloured Driveway kerbing installation
Here the commercial kerb is coloured to match the roof tiles.


A Stencil Concrete job anybody would be proud of.
A stencil concrete driveway transformed completly.


My name is Vinny Briggs and my team and I carry out Kwik Kerb projects in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. 

We are available for on site quotations on edging, stencilling and imprint concrete as well as other landscaping/garden tasks.

Look forward to seeing you soon."

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Ketan Patel - Kwik Kerb by Ketan Patel

A Great Artificial Grass with a themed Garden in Suffolk
Look at how all the products including artificial grass enhance each others appearence


Pathway Edging at The Grove Golf Club - Buckinghamshire


A Commercial Driveway Kerb in Ireland
Here we see a long, fantastic quality kerb installation in Ireland


Eurobrick Bathstone Commercial Edging
A commercial kerbing zig zag effect to preserve space on this car park


"I joined Kwik Kerb from a background as a D.I.Y supplier because I realised there was a massive gap in the edging market.

With all the other associated products that we work with in Kwik Kerb, such as stencilling and artificial grass, any garden or landscaping job is there for us to do.

I cover London and Greater London areas."

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