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Phil Egan - Kwik Kerb

Eurobrick Traffic Islands
Commerical Kerbing project to creat traffic islands in a car park. Local Authority


Kwik Kerb attending a large exhibition
This is how we show ourselves at exhibitions and shows with Eurostyle edging


A Clean and precise Look All Year Round - Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is the future


Eurobrick Miandering Edging
This Manchester garden has Eurobrick edging.


I am Kwik Kerb in the United Kingdom

I hope my testimonials from clients speak for the quality of my work:

"Tthank you for all the work you did to bring our tired drive back to life. The idea of the dark mulch behind the edging makes it really stand out and to trim the tarmac and then input 6mm golden stone saved us a packet. There is no way we could have afforded the renewing of the tarmac. All the components work very well together and we have already had the neighbours asking us questions." Mr and Mrs Murphy.

"We had the chance to use something different to the standard pre-cast kerbing that is available everywhere. The way you can manipulate the machine to do things you cannot with standard kerbing is impressive. The
choice of profiles and colours gives you an extra dimension that we are now very happy that we used. The job had it’s moments but we were impressed with how you overcame situations sometimes caused by
the changes forced upon us. The car park looks fantastic and we know it will be there for many years to come. The site was clean and now the tarmac is in place and the colour prominent everybody is happy even
the sceptics on your first visit. Hough Builders

"We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work you have done. We look over our back garden with a smile on our faces. The finished star like shape with the circle in the middle with the limestone-chippings centre and golden gravel sections we would never have thought of but it really does look good...You never left a mark when you went and that we were impressed with being concrete and all. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

"We are over the moon to think that was just a fully grassed area with no life is hard to believe now. We kept enough of the grass to still have a lawn
but the borders and the paved area set it out against all the neighbours ( you will be getting a call from a couple soon). Mr. and Mrs. Knowles

"The edging looks fantastic in the front garden, so much so we would like you to do the pathway at the rear that we discussed. We had little knowledge of Kwik Kerb until we saw you at a local show and looked further into
it. We struggle to keep the garden tidy and with this kerb it has made our lives a lot easier. The Roman limestone stands out against the grass so well. Mrs. Short


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