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Stencil / Imprint Concrete

Concrete technology means there are now amazing ways to get a distinct driveway or patio by creating an individual shape or pattern. Kwik Kerb has used them in commercial settings too.

We can enhance your patio, pool surround or driveway - and add value to your property.

We can offer flexibility of both colour and pattern combinations.

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Artificial Grass with Stencil Concrete
Fantastic artificial grass with stencil concrete around

A Fantastic Finished Stencil and Artificial Grass Job
Here we see the finished qualities of the artificial grass and stencil concrete side by side

Stencil concrete and matching Eurobrick edging
A stencil driveway with matchingeurobrick eding

A Close up of a Stencil Pathway
A stencil pathway edging a lawned area

Stencil, Grass and Edging
A stencil pathway and lawn and attached eurobrick edging

Another view of this fantastic Stencil Concrete job by Kwik Kerb Dorset
Look how clear and concise the stencil concrete work is, True colour and print

Stencil Concrete in Dorset
Fantastic look at a stencil concrete patio in Dorset

A view of a stencil concrete star in Dorset
A quality stencil concrete job in Dorset at the Christchurch Junior School

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