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Road Kerbing


Kwik Kerb UK operators have worked on leading public sector projects to provide kerbing for roadways in the UK and Ireland. Using the continuous concrete edging technology provides a clean and time-saving finish. Kwik Kerb operators have worked for a wide range of local authorities to provide road side kerbs and road kerbing. 

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The special slurry mix in place ready for trowelling on this commercial kerbing
We have slurried our kerb and are now ready to trowel it smooth on this commercial kerbing

Some of the Kwik Kerb Team discussing the commercial kerbing
The team are making sure the commercial kerbing is perfect

A miandering radius kerb up a quite severe incline
This miandering radius commercial kerbing up a quite severe incline

Commercial Kerbing around a large grassed area
The commercial kerbing follows the grassed area exactly how it should.

The finished first section of our commercial kerbing
Se how clear,smooth and straight this section of commercial kerbing is

Second commercial kerbing section at training
The Kwik Kerb team installing commercial kerbing at training

Commercial Kerbing with Drop Kerb on a Tarmac Drive
A quality commercial kerbing in conjunction with standard tarmac. Notice the drop kerb for the pathway.

Uphill commercial kerb in training
This looks like the biggest snake in Lancashire but it is a winding section of our commercial kerbing

Commercial Kerbing at its best
Look how straight that commercial kerbing is for a first attempt

A miandering Commercial Kerb
Here we see the pure shapes that our machine can install with this commercial kerbing

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Road Kerbing from Kwik Kerb UK

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