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Car Park Kerbing

Many different car park styles have been installed by Kwik Kerb worldwide since 1987. Architects often include Kwik Kerb concrete car park kerbing in their car park designs.
Medical Centres, hotels, restaurants, councils, factories, garden centres and schools have all used Kwik Kerb to create a professional and maintenance free edging or kerbing for car parks.

A special concrete mix is used and in most cases the car park kerb is extruded over rebar to ensure it stays in place. If required, a special compound is applied to the concrete or asphalt surface, prior to the Kwik Kerb® concrete car park kerbing being placed.

Kwik Kerb's special system of installation has been tried and tested for many years, so you can be assured of a first class result!

"The car park looks fantastic and we know it will be there for many years to come. The site was clean and now the tarmac is in place and the colour prominent everybody is happy even the sceptics on your first visit. Look forward to using you in the future." Mr.Hough, Hough Builders, Dunscar

Eurobrick Traffic Islands
Commerical Kerbing project to creat traffic islands in a car park. Local Authority

Eurobrick Bathstone Commercial Edging
A commercial kerbing zig zag effect to preserve space on this car park

Supermarket Car Park
This commercial kerbing edge project was for a shopping mall car park.

Commercial Road and Car Park Edging
car park, roadway and garden planter edging for commercial is no problem.


Wheel Blocks

Concrete wheel blocks are commonly used in car parks to control how far the driver can enter parking bays and Kwik Kerb UK and Ireland can install excellent ones.

Steel pins anchor the wheel blocks to the asphalt or concrete and a special bonding adhesive also makes sure they stay put.

This ensures the concrete wheel block survive the treatment received in a public car park.

"We had the chance to use something different to the standard pre-cast kerbing that is available everywhere. The way you can manipulate the machine to do things you cannot with standard kerbing is impressive. The choice of profiles and colours gives you an extra dimension that we are now very happy that we used." Mr.Hough, Hough Builders



Car Park Kerbing from Kwik Kerb UK

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