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Road Kerbing


Kwik Kerb UK operators have worked on leading public sector projects to provide kerbing for roadways in the UK and Ireland. Using the continuous concrete edging technology provides a clean and time-saving finish. Kwik Kerb operators have worked for a wide range of local authorities to provide road side kerbs and road kerbing. 

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The team have the line in place for the commercial kerbing
Over 50 metres of commercial kerbing laid by the team at the training school on this side.

Supermarket Car Park
This commercial kerbing edge project was for a shopping mall car park.

Kwik Kerb Operators at Commercial Training School doing road kerbs
Colm of Kwik Kerb Cork showing some of our team the tools for commercial kerbing applications

The machine in progress on our commercial training school
Everything in place the commercial kerbing is in progress

A Commercial kerbing sprayed in Bathstone
Just adding the colour to this commercial kerbing makes it stand out against the tarmac

Commercial Kerbing
An example of a commercial kerbing project in Cork, Ireland where the farm entrance has been enhanced.

The Team on a Commercial Radius Corner
This versatile commercial kerbing edge precisely cornering a planter area

Eurobrick Bathstone Commercial Edging
A commercial kerbing zig zag effect to preserve space on this car park

Commercial Driveway
This commercial kerbing was used for a business in Cork, Ireland.

Road Kerbing at a Pace
Concrete mix loaded onto the back of a pick up and 250 metres of commercial kerbing laid in a day.

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Road Kerbing from Kwik Kerb UK

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