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A Roman Limestone Sprayed Edging
A saturated lawn area made into a eurobrick path between the house and the gardeb shed

A Brown Edging Around the Limestone Chippings
A wild garden transformed into a decorative eurobricked stoned area

A Sprayed Slate Grey Edge
A simple but effective eurobrick edge

A Driveway Edging of Stunning Quality
A eurobrick drive anybody would be proud of

A Eurobrick Driveway Edge on Top of Block Paving
A framing of a block paved drive with this eurobrick edging

A lovely Eurobrick Garden Job in Dorset
KK Dorset showing how a country garden can be enhanced by our Eurobrick edging.

Eurostyle Slurried Path Edging to Enhance a Garden Area
Simple but effective eurostyle edging in Northampton

A Closer Look at a Fantastic Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Slurried Edging
A golden brown eurostyle wood effect edge

Suppporting the ground at the edge of the Golf Path
Her we see our edging supporting the gound round the pathway corner at The Grove

A Pefect Terracotta Tree Circle
Enhanced the tree but could not save the grass with this eurobrick edge

First Eurobrick Installation at a Caravan Park
The start of things to come at Caravan Parks with eurobrick. Parks and Leisure

Simple Driveway Edging
Simple but effective eurobrick

A Beautiful Chestnut Brown Slurried Brick Effect Edge
This eurostyle edge looks wonderful in it's surroundings

Car Park Kerbing
A little edging to enhance a plain car park area

Bathstone Sprayed Edge at Pedwell
A decorative eurobrick edge to keep the lawn and stones apart

More Pictures from Pedwell
The eurobrick colour is just right to stand out against the lawn

Bathstone Sprayed Edging
Another angle on this fantastic eurobrick job

A Unique Eurobrick Twist on the Tree Circle
Something totally different with eurobrick

A Quality Edging on a Very Sloping Garden
The eurobrick edge can be installed almost everywhere

A Simple Driveway edging in Surrey
eurostyle edging in Surrey

Beautiful Eurobrick Edging to a Tarmac Road
Picture Framing the long eurobrick driveway

Golf Course Kerbing following the contours
Another view of our gold course kerbing fitting into the surrounds at The Grove

More Golf Buggy Kerbing at The Grove Golf Club
Quality golf coure edging by Kwik Kerb Chilterns at The Grove Golf Club

Miandering Golf Course Path Edging at The Grove
See how Stuart - Kwik Kerb Chilterns combines our golf course kerb with the lay of the land

Golf Buggy Cart Kerb Edging at The Grove Golf Club
Kwik Kerb Chilterns have installed a golf buggy cart path edging at The Grove Golf Club

Continuous golf course edging at The Grove Golf Club
Kwik Kerb Chilterns quality golf course edging at The Grove Golf Club

A Plain Concrete Edge in Scotland
No Colour required but still looks a good eurobrick edge.

A Close Up of a Plain Sloping Border Edge
Plain and simple

Eurobrick Golden Sandstone Colour to Match Brick Colour of House
Eurobrick Golden Sandstone colour used to match bricks of house

Eurobrick Curving Golden Sandstone Edging to Match the Shape of the Garden
Lovely snaking eurobrick edging in Sheffield

A Close Up of a Eurobrick Golden Sandstone Edge with Brown Mulch and 6mm Golden Gravel
Combining different products to get the right effect with eurobrick

A Eurostyle Terracott Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Working around the in-situ paving slabs with eurostyle

Terracotta Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Straight Lines are not a problem either for eurostyle sloping border

A Close Up of a Glossed Finished Terracotta Edge
This shiny finish is very popular eurostyle edging in the United Kingdom

Terracotta Slurried Edge with Charcoal Slate Impression
Preach what you sow - This is the General Managers eurostyled garden

Eurostyle Brick Red Slurried Edge with Dark Brown Brick Imprint
This was just grass when we started this eurostyle job

A Wonderful Eurostyle Garden Pathway from France
Just an ordinary lawn when first arrived now a fantastic eurostyle edged lawn

A Lovely Miandering Eurostyle Riverside Tan/ Brick Red
A choice of striking colours used here by our French counterparts with this eurostyle edging

Another Great Example of Road Eding from our French counterparts
Eurostyle – Brick Red // Brick red joints smooth finish

A Great Eurobrick Job Well Done by Andy in France
perfect match of colour and shape - fantastic looking eurobrick edge

Eurostle garden planter edging
This beautiful but simple eurostyle edging really makes the garden planter.

A simple Eurostle edging in sloping border
A natural looking kerb in Eurostyle edging grey

Artificial Grass in Lavendon
Blair and Pippa love this new Artificial Grass installation

Artificial Grass job in Lavendon
Kwality again shows his quality with this artificial grass job in Lavendon

A Quality Stencil Job
A beautiful red and black stencilled concrete design

A Triple Quality Job of Eurobrick edging, Artificial Grass and Stencil concrete well Done
Stencil concrete, artificial grass and eurobrick edging all in one place

Eurostyle lawn/driveway edging
A wonderful lawn/driveway eurostyle edging

Kwik Kerb edging including drianage system
Here we see a eurostle edging incorperating a drainage system. Look how they blend well together.

Artificial grass installation in Upton
Simple but effective artificial grass

Another Example at Upton
another quality artificial grass installation by Kwik Kerb

Artificial Grass - You cannot tell the difference
Artificial grass looking just like a real lawn

Artificial Grass - Just What The Dog Ordered
The artificial grass always looking pristene. No matter what

Simple but very very effective
Another artificial grass example of how good your lawn can look all year round

A Clean and precise Look All Year Round - Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is the future

Dark Rustic Wood Eurostyle Edge
First attempt by Stuart and Simon - Kwik Kerb Chilterns in Buckinghamshire of a Rustic Wood Eurostyle Edge

Another Eurostyle Rustic Wood Effect Edge
You would think this was real Rustic Wood finish

A Quality Eurobrick Finish
An effective eurobrick sprayed finish with extra release agent

A Smooth Sprayed Eurobrick Finish giving the garden a bit of quality
A different look at the eurobrick edge in Amersham, High Wycombe

A Fantastic Eurobrick Edge
Andy has done us proud with this eurobrick edge in Essex

A fine Eurostyle Driveway Edge in Ireland
A simple but very appealing eurostyle edge in Cork ,Ireland

Eurostyle Edge to enhance the Driveway
Look how the eurostyle edging picture frames the garden.

A Fantastic Artificial Grass installation in Milton Keynes
The artificial grass clearly enhances the quality of the building. Parks and Leisure

A Great Artificial Grass with a themed Garden in Suffolk
Look at how all the products including artificial grass enhance each others appearence

A Lovely Artificial Grass, patio and Garden installation in High Wycombe
Se how all three products work very well together. The artificial grass looks like real grass

Just Look At This Back Garden in Surrey with Artificial Grass
Another excellent artificial grass installation that looks like the real thing.

An Open Park Area with Artificial Grass in Wiltshire
Just like the real thing. Artificial grass looks so good. Parks and Leisure

A Raised Garden Area with Artificial Grass and in built Step in Somerset
Simple use of a void space until we did this with artificial grass

Artificial Grass Job in Southam
A quality garden with a an artificial grass twist

Artificial Grass Garden Set Up
Fantastic garden set up with Artificial Grass

An Updated Artificial Grass Garden Set Up.
Very much an up to date garden with artificial grass

Artificial Grass at it's Bets
A really lovely artificial grass garden

Dark Rustic Wood with a charcoal Imprint
A lovely dark wood effect the customer loved

A Close Up of a Rustic Wood Effect Edging
A Close up of a Rustic Wood edging

Rustic Wood Along A Planter Edge
Anothe view of a Rustic Wood Effect Edge in this lovely garden

A Goden Sanstone Rustic Wood Effect Edge
A different twist on the Rustic Wood look

Eurostyle edging doing a job
This eurostyle edge keeps the lawn and driveway from falling into each other.

Kwik Kerb Dorset stencil concrete
A fantastic stencil concrete installation at Christchurch Junior School by Shaun at Kwik Kerb Dorset

Stencil Concrete and Eurobrick Edging
Acombination of Stencil concrete and Eurobrick edging that really works

A Stencilled Pathway in Dorset by KK Dorset
KK Dorset showing their stencil concrete skills in Dorset.

A Lovely Stencilled Pathway
A stencilled concrete pathway at the back of the house

A Stencilled Concrete Pathway
A Stencilled Concrete Pathway at the front of the house

Another View of a Stencilled Area
A Stencilled Concrete Patio Area

A Quality Finished Stencilled Pathway
A stencilled concrete area around the house

Stencilling at it's best
A stencilled concrete pathway with a sanstone decoration

A fantastic example of eurobrick edging IN bathstone
This job in Manchester shows the real beauty od Eurobrick edging

A look down on a Kwik Kerb exhibition stand
See the eurostyle edging in full glory on this exhibition stand

A Quality Eurobrick Circle
A beautiful eurobrick circle by our friends Sharon and Shaun operators in Dorset

Another great grass job from Kwality Kwik Kerb
Artificial grass to the customers liking

A Light Terracotta Eurobrick Edge
This fine Eurobrick edge has a bright appeal about it

A Eurobrick Light Terracotta Lawn Edging
Eurobrick edge to separate the planetr from the lawn

A Simple Kwality Artificial Grass Job
Simple artificial grass garden installation that works

Eurobrick Light Terracotta
A Eurobrick edge miandering through the garden

Artificial Grass Simply Works
Another angle of this artificial Grass job

Artificial Grass through the fence
A garden transformed simple and easy with artificial grass

Exposed Aggregate Edging at Eton Rowing Club - Venue for the Olympics
A commercial exposed aggregate edge in platinum/slate finish that arcs around the lake. Parks and Leisure.

Triple Quality Work
Mark again show how eurobrick edging, artificilal grass and stencil concrete can work together

Kwik Kerb at Eton Rowing Club - Olympic Venue
Another view of this commercial eurobrick edge at this prestigious setting

A Golf course in your back garden with Artificial Grass
This smple Artificial Grass mini-golf course

Artificisl Grass over concrete - Looks fantastic
This is an Artificial Grass overlay installation. Totally transformed

Kwik Kerb at Eton Rowing Club - Olympic Venue
A shot of the team progressing with this commercial eurobrick edge

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