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Eurobrick Edging with Slate Blue and Mahogany Shaken on top
A Eurobrick edge encapsulating a keyblocked drive

Another View of the Eurobrick Slate Blue and Mahogany
Look how the Eurobrick edging colours work in well with the keyblock pavers

A lovely Eurobrick Garden Edge
An Eurobrick edge to define the patio Line

Another Fantastic Artificial Installation from Kwality Kwik Kerb
Mark transformed this untidy garden to this wonderful artificial grass design

Another view of this Artificial Grass Edge
Artificial Grass installation before it is finished

A triple quality job for Northampton
This shows what can be done. The job has eurobrick edging, artificial grass and stencil concrete

Artificial Grass with Stencil Concrete
Fantastic artificial grass with stencil concrete around

Eurobrick Edging with Artificial Grass
Here we see the eurobrick edging around an artificial grass area

A Fantastic Finished Stencil and Artificial Grass Job
Here we see the finished qualities of the artificial grass and stencil concrete side by side

Stencil concrete and matching Eurobrick edging
A stencil driveway with matchingeurobrick eding

Paulton Park Peppa Pig Themed Area
Peppa Pig himself in a eurobrick style. Parks and Leisure

Domestic Eurobrick Edging
A platinum eurobrick edging with charcoal release

A Close up of a Stencil Pathway
A stencil pathway edging a lawned area

Stencil, Grass and Edging
A stencil pathway and lawn and attached eurobrick edging

A closer look at the artificial grass
Artificial grass in Milton keynes close up

A lovely Slate Grey Driveway Eurostyle Edging
This Eurostyle edging could be domestic or commercial using our high border

A lovely combination of Eurostyle Edging and Imprinted Concrete
See how the two products - Eurostyle Edging and Imprinted Concrete work well together

Simple but effective Artificial Grass
Mark and his team show the way on this artificial grass job

A beautiful rose garden with artificial grass
Lovely flowers with our lovely artificial grass

Exposed Aggregate Edging
More Sample of Exposed Aggregate Edging

Another Exposed Edging
More samples of Exposed Edging

Exposed Aggregate Edging
Exposed Aggregate Edging with different coloured aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Edging
Another view of Exposed Aggregate Edging

Artificial Grass as a front Lawn
Artificial Grass extending the look od a modern house

Artificial Grass on a sloping front
Here we see artificial grass at the front of a house that clearly passes as the real thing

Artificial Grass Garden
This Artificial Grass garden looks so real

Eurobrick Terrracotta Edging
A m ower Strip Eurobrick Terracotta edging

A tremendous Atrificial Grass Garden
Mark and his team show a quality Artificial Grass Garden in Northants

Miandering Terracotta Mower Strip Eurobrick Edging
Look how this Eurobrick Mower strip attends to the lawn edge

Another view Terracotta Eurobrick Mower Edging
A closer look at this tremendous Eurobrick edging in terracotta mower satrip

Terracotta Eurobrick Mower Edging
A lovely eurobrick finished terracotta Mower strip edge

Another view of this fantastic Stencil Concrete job by Kwik Kerb Dorset
Look how clear and concise the stencil concrete work is, True colour and print

Her is Arty Grass Dog
Arty the Artificial Grass dog on guard at a recent job.

Stencil Concrete in Dorset
Fantastic look at a stencil concrete patio in Dorset

A recent Artificial Grass job in East Paddock
Artificial grass job in East Paddock

Leisure - Artificial Grass
A straight forward Leisure Artificial Grass Installation

Different view of East Paddock Artificial Grass
Simple Artificial Grass but looks so much better.

Another Happy chappie with Artificial Grass
This chappie is over the moon with his Artificial Grass

Arty and Friend
Arty seems to have found a friend to play with

Arty - The Grass Dog
This is Arty - The Artificial Grass Dog

A Kwik Kerb Operator set up and working
Kwik Kerb Chilterns in full flow installing Eurobrick edging

Another quality Eurobrick edging
Eurobrick edging in a back garden environment

Eurobrick Edging in Milton Keynes
Bordering the planter areas with Eurobrick edging

A view of a stencil concrete star in Dorset
A quality stencil concrete job in Dorset at the Christchurch Junior School

A wider view of the stencil concrete sundial in Dorset.
Kwik Kerb Dorset's Shaun showing us a wider view of his stencil concrete star

Artificial Grass on a raised platfom
Another view of the Artificial Grass on a raised platform with a timber support

This Eurostyle Edging was done on a training course
This is an example of the first attempt of Ramsay at Kwik Kerb Art.

Artificial Grass and Eurostle edging at Kinsoe Leys, MK
Another fantastic artificial grass and eurostyle edging job in Kinsoe Leys

Eurostyle Edging and Artificila Grass in Kinsoe
Another view of this artificial grass and eurostyle edging in Kinsoe

Artificial Grass and Eurostyle Edging in Kinsoe Leys
See how the artificial grass is cut around the trees and the eurostyle edging in the forefront

Another view of a show attendance
Clearly showing the qualities of our business with this eurostyle edging stand

The Kwik Kerb machine at the start of a wood effect Eurostyle edging
Here we see the machine in place extruding the edge ready for a wood effect eurostyle finish

Artificial Grass is a straight forward replacement for dead lawns
This artificial grass job will never look worn or tired

Artificial Grass with a TWIST
This artificial grass back garden has a built in golf putting green

A closer look at the putting surface on this artificial grass installation
A practical artificial grass installation with a built in putting green

Artificial Grass in the sunshine
Yo cannot tell if this is real or an artificial grass installation

A closer look at the two artificial grass surfaces - Lawn and Putting Green
This joint artificila grass installation styles work very well together and improves his golf

A close look at the artificial Grass Putting surface
St Andrews would be proud of this artificial grass installations on their greens

The machine in progress on our commercial training school
Everything in place the commercial kerbing is in progress

Look how straight this machine laid commercial kerbing is.
The Kwik Kerb team are putting together a perfectly straight commercial kerb at training

Another view of how straight our commercial edging is.
The team laid this 40 plus metres of commercial edging in less than an hour

The special slurry mix in place ready for trowelling on this commercial kerbing
We have slurried our kerb and are now ready to trowel it smooth on this commercial kerbing

The finished first section of our commercial kerbing
Se how clear,smooth and straight this section of commercial kerbing is

A drop kerb cut into our commercial kerbing
Here we show a drop kerb cut into our commercial kerb to allow traffic into the area at the back

Uphill commercial kerb in training
This looks like the biggest snake in Lancashire but it is a winding section of our commercial kerbing

Some of the Kwik Kerb Team discussing the commercial kerbing
The team are making sure the commercial kerbing is perfect

Second commercial kerbing section at training
The Kwik Kerb team installing commercial kerbing at training

The start of the second section radius then straight commercial kerbing
Here we see the team have laid a radius commercial kerb then started a straight run

The second section of this commercial kerb nearly finished
The kwik kerb operators have put this commercial kerb down using premix in less than an hour

Commercial Kerbing at its best
Look how straight that commercial kerbing is for a first attempt

A reverse view of this commercial kerbing
A better look at this commercial kerb from behind the machine.

A miandering radius kerb up a quite severe incline
This miandering radius commercial kerbing up a quite severe incline

This miandering commercial kerb is laid to a precise height
This miandering commercial kerb has a 2mm height tolerence.

Another view of this very precise commercial kerb
Tolerences are so key with this commercial kerb

Kwik Kerb Artificial Grass at it's best
Here we see the intricate cuts needed to make this artificial grass job perfect

Kwik Kerb just finishing the two difficult Artificial Grass sections
The two artificial grass sections clearly show the expertise of the team

Another view of this delicate Artificial Grass job
Here Kwik Kerb show how every aspect of the artificial grass job needs it' full attention

Kerbing at The Grove Golf Club
Stuart and his team showing what our golf course edging can do at The Grove Golf Club

Pathway Edging at The Grove Golf Club - Buckinghamshire
Kwik Kerb Chilterns pathway kerbing at The Grove Golf Club

Pathway Edging at The Grove Golf Club - Buckinghamshire

A Smooth Exposed Aggregate Kerb
Another example of exposed aggregate kerbing

Artificial Grass at it's best
A lovely artificial grass installation - pure and simple

Artificial Grass and a Patio Scene
Another look at this simple artificial grass installation leading on from the patio

Kwik Kerb attending a large exhibition
This is how we show ourselves at exhibitions and shows with Eurostyle edging

Another view of Artificial Grass and Stencil Concrete
Look how the artificial grass runs nicely into the stencil concrete

A fantastic Artificial Grass and Kwik Kerb Edging from Kwik Kerb Dorset
Here we see how well artificial grass and kwik kerb continuous edging combine together

Artificial Grass and Kwik Kerb Edging
Another view of the artificial grass and kwik kerb edging in Dorset

A lovely new lawn with continuous concrete edging
Artificial grass and kwik kerb edging at it's best

A fantastic grass and edging job in Dorset
Shaun has put htese two products - artificial grass and kwik kerb edging together beautifully

Kwik Kerb A.H.Chant and Artificial Grass and Stencil Concrete
Adrian has done a fantastic job with artificial grass and stencilled concrete

A fantastic stencilled concrete patio
Kwik Kerb in Somerset have combined the artificial grass and stencilled concrete excellently

A fantastic Artificial Grass back garden and patio
Adrian of Kwik Kerb Somerset has laid a wonderful artificial grass lawn at the rear of this property

Artificial Grass at it's best
Adrian has done a quality artificial grass installation in this back garden area

Artificial Grass in Somerset - After
Adrian - Kwik Kerb in Somerset shows how the artificial grass transforms the garden

Artificial Grass in Brentford - Before
Stuart of Kwik Kerb Chilterns shows the lawn before his artificial grass installation

Artificial Grass in Brentford - After
Stuart - Kwik Kerb Chilterns shows the real transformation of this lawn with artificial grass.

Stuart - Kwik Kerb Chilterns show the quality of this Artificial Grass Installation
Another garden transformed by Stuart - Kwik Kerb Chilterns with the artificial grass in Watford

Another view of this Artificial Grass Installation in Watford
Stuart - Kwik Kerb Chilterns shows another angle of this impressive artificial grass installation in Watford

Artificial Grass raised platform
Artificial Grass on a raised platform with timber supports

Artificial Grass round a growing tree.
Artificial Grass can go almost anywhere.

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