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Artificial Grass in Northampton
Artificial Grass install in Northampton. Small but effective

Another view of this Artificial Grass
Simple but enjoyable Artificial Grass

Kwik Kerb Dorset combining Artificial Grass and Continuous Edging
The artificial grass blends smoothly into our eurobrick coloured wdging

Sharon of Kwik Kerb Dorset in motion
Sharon of Kwik Kerb Dorset installing the eurobrick edging for the artificial grass to lay against.

Artificial Grass at it's very best
Kwik Kerb Dorset show an artificial grass lawn impossible to tell from the real thing

A garden transformed with Eurobrick Edging and Artificial Grass
The beautiful eurobrick edging surrounding a fantastic artificial grass lawn

Eurobrick Concrete Edging around an Artificial Grass Lawn
A miandering eurobrick concrete edging against the lush green of our artificial grass lawn

A look down on this Artificial Grass Lawn with Eurobrick edging
A high view point looking down on this artificial grass lawn with a curving eurobrick concrete edging

A two section Artificial Grass Lawn with Eurobrick Edging
This garden was transformed by the combination of artificial grass and eurobrick concrete edging

Close up sample of Exposed Aggregate Kerbing
Here we see another sample of our exposed aggregate kerbing

Brick effect Exposed Aggregate Kerbing
Here we have used a brick impression into our new exposed aggregate kerbing with great effect

The finished section of the Exposed Aggregate Kerbing
This golden gravel exposed aggregate edging in it's finished state.

Exposed Aggregate Edging at the side of a garden path
We got the exposed aggregate edging to match the colour of the concrete path laid years ago

Another view of this matching Exposed Aggregate Kerbing and Concrete Pathway
The use of the golden gravel in this exposed aggregate edging allows us to match to the existing pathway

Close up sample of Exposed Aggregate Kerbing with cornish stone
The rustic finish of this exposed aggregate kerbing is there for all to see.

Sample Exposed Kerbing
This cornish stone exposed edging sample shows the true finish you get.

Artificial grass and a rose garden
The rose garden looks so much better with the artificial grass installed

A simple artificial grass job with a garden wall
This garden is made to stand out with this artificial grass and brick garden wall

A typical country garden with artificial grass
the artificilial grass blends in well in this quality rose garden

A small but impressive artificial grass installation
The garden, the wall and the artificial grass work well together here

Artificial Grass in Shepton Mallet
Kwik Kerb Somerset show that all artificial grass jobs however small are done professionally

Recent Exposed Aggregate Kerbing job
the rustic quality look of this exposed aggregate kerbing job in Glastonbury

A closer look at the Exposed Aggregate Kerbing
This product can be as smooth or course as you want. Exposed Aggregate kerbing has many mixes

Exposed Aggregate kerbing in a back garden
Here we see a corner and wall finished exposed aggregate kerbing

Exposed Aggregate Kerbing in Glastonbury
Look how natural this exposed aggregate kerbing looks in this back garden

Artificial Grass over decking in Yeovil
Here we see Adrian - Kwik Kerb by A.H.Chant overlaying a deck with artificial grass

Another view of this artificial grass in yeovil
Her is the finished artificilial grass overlay in Yeovil - Well done Adrian

The artificial grass ready to overlay the decking in Yeovil
The deck is ready to be transformed by the artificial grass by Kwik Kerb by A.H.Chant

The artificial grass overlaying the decking in Yeovil
The start of the change from decking to artificial grass

Another angle of this artificial grass in yeovil
You would never of thought this was decking yesterday

A Commercial Driveway Kerb in Ireland
Here we see a long, fantastic quality kerb installation in Ireland

A commercial driveway kerb in Cork, Ireland
This commercial kerb installation clearly defines the driveway up to the house.

Commercial Kerbing with Drop Kerb on a Tarmac Drive
A quality commercial kerbing in conjunction with standard tarmac. Notice the drop kerb for the pathway.

Commercial Kerbing on a New Build
We see here an installation of a commercial kerb for a new build driveway

A miandering Commercial Kerb
Here we see the pure shapes that our machine can install with this commercial kerbing

Commercial Kerbing around a large grassed area
The commercial kerbing follows the grassed area exactly how it should.

Commercial Kerbing at it's best
Here we see a perfectly symmetrical driveway kerb at it's best

A Coloured Driveway kerbing installation
Here the commercial kerb is coloured to match the roof tiles.

Another Commercial Kerbing in Ireland
Commercial Kerbing used on a driveway in Ireland

Commercial Car Park Kerbing in progress
Half way through this road kerbing installation

Road Island Commercial Kerbing
our machine can install to the shapes that you require as this commercial kerbing shows.

The team working well with this road kerbing job
continuous commercial road kerbing going along nicely.

Commercial Road Kerbing with our machine in place
Here we see a continuous uphill road kerb installation going to plan

A miandering driveway kerbing
Commercial driveway kerbing picture framing the garden and drive.

The other side of this fantastic driveway kerbing
the quality and precision of this commercial kerb is plain to see.

A finished roadside kerb edge with tarmac
Commercial kerbing looks just like the pre cast kerbs.

Eurostyle commercial kerbing
Here we see a Eurostyle slurried driveway kerb completely symmetrical

Another finished Kwik Kerb commercial kerb
This commercial kerb is finished and will be there for many years to come

A finished commercial kerb revisited many years later.
Just to show how strong this commercial kerb is we revisited it many years after installation.

A small but precise road kerbing
A small commercial kerb was easily installed with our unique machinery.

Another quality finished road kerbing
Kwik Kerb commercial kerbing at it's best.

Eurostle edging with a flemish imprint
Another look a this fantastic eurostyle edge.

Two tone Eurostyle edging
Colm has used two colours to make this garden eurostyle edge stand out.

This simple but beautiful eurostle circle edging
Simple but effective eurostyle circle.

Eurostyle Timber effect edging
Eurostyle edging made to look like wood.

Eurostyle lawn/driveway edging in all directions
Our eurostyle edging seen here miandering around the property.

Symmetrical eurostyle driveway edging
A perfect driveway eurostyle edging.

Exposed Aggregate Kerbing in Farnborough
Another asthetic exposed aggregate edging on this driveway in Farnborough

Exposed aggregate kerbing half circle by Kwik Kerb by Adrian Chant
Look how natural this exposed aggregate edging looks in this garden environment

A look down the drive with exposed aggregate edging
Adrian has done a wonderful job with this exposed aggregate edging

A simple Artificial Grass job in Sprotton
This was done after the customer was impressed with the back garden artificial grass installation

A stencilled Driveway in Cambridgeshire
Adrian of Kwik Kerb in Somerset helps do a fine job with this stencilled driveway.

Another view of this Stencilled Driveway
Se how this stencilled drieway has continued into a pathway around the house.

Artificial Grass in Weston Super Mare by Kwik Kerb Somerset
The finished artificial grass by Adrian - Kwik Kerb in Somerset

Another Section of this Artificial Grass Installation in Weston Super Mare
Adrian - Kwik Kerb in Somerset shows off another section of this artificial grass job in Weston Super Mare

A Eurobrick Garden Edge in Sheffield
Another quality eurobrick garden edging job by Premier Kwik Kerb in Yorkshire

Eurobrick Garden circle and garden Edge
This is a quality eurobrick circle and garden edging in Yorkshire

Eurobrick Garden Circle and Edging
Another view of this eurobrick garden circle and edging

A small but effective Stenccil Concrete in Bletchley
Mar shows us here no stencil concrete job is too small

Another view of this Stencil Concrete Installation
This stencil concrete installation totally transforms thos small garden area.

A front view of this Stencil Concrete Installation
This stencil concrete job in Bletchley is just what was needed.

Kwality and Art working together on this Mower edging
Ramsay - Kwik Kerb Art passed this mower edge Eurobrick Kwik Kerb edge onto Mark - Kwality Kwik Kerb. Lovely job

Artificial Grass - Just is
This artificial grass installation just right

Stencil Concrete and Eurobrick Edging - simple
This stencil concrete and Eurobrick edging.Looks like it works very well together

Slate Blue Eurobrick at Nottingham Mini Golf
Kwality Kwik Kerb and Kwik Kerb Dorset collaboration

Kwik Kerb at Mini Golf course in Nottingham
Kwality Kwik Kerb and Kwik Kerb Dorset

Kwik Kerb at Mini Golf course in Nottingham
Kwality and Dorset Kwik Kerb collaboration

Kwik Kerb at Mini Golf course in Nottingham
Kwality and Dorset Kwik Kerb collaboration

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